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All persons are entitled to a workplace free from illegal harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

 Complex laws and procedures govern workplace discipline and employment related disputes. 


Contact us if you have been unfairly disciplined or treated unfairly in the workplace.


Federal, state, and local civil rights laws prohibit discrimination based on an employee’s protected class such as race, disability, gender, national origin, or age.  The McCormick Law Firm routinely represents employees encountering adverse employment actions due to workplace discrimination including wrongful terminations, suspensions, or demotions

Sexual Harassment & Hostile Work Environment

Federal, State, and Local civil rights laws prohibit sexual harassment and hostile work environments in the workplace.  The McCormick Law Firm routinely represents employees who encounter severe or pervasive, and frequent, hostility or sexual advances.


Employees suffering from discrimination, sexual harassment or hostile work environments at their place of employment may choose to  report the unlawful discrimination to their employer.  In addition to prohibiting discrimination, Federal, state, and local civil rights laws prohibit Employers from retaliating against employees for opposing unlawful discrimination or participating in the enforcement process.  Please contact us if your employer has engaged in unlawful retaliation against you.  

Whistleblower Violations

Many federal, state, and local government employees are protected from reprisals for reporting misconduct.  Government employees who have encountered unlawful whistleblower retaliation must act swiftly to preserve their rights under applicable Whistleblower laws.



A decision to accept an offer or to tender a resignation can be filled with a mixture of emotions ranging to anxiety, excitement, confusion, and hope. 

The McCormick Law Firm can provide you advice that can help provide a smooth transition in either stage in your career.

Employment Contracts 

Executive Level Employees and various professionals may receive offers of employment with unfamiliar language which should be reviewed by an attorney.  We routinely negotiate the terms of Employment Contracts for C-Suite Executives and other professionals with complex employment contract terms, including Bonuses, Covenants to Not Compete, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Disclosure Terms. 

Severance Agreements

When an Employer decides to discharge an Executive or Professional employee,  the Employer may consider offering the Employee a Severance package.  Like employment agreements, severance agreements prescribe a period of post-employment compensation and benefits, and may require the Executive to make certain promises in exchange for compensation including limitations on liability, covenants to not compete, non-solicitation or non-disclosure agreements.  Severance packages are complex and may need to be reviewed and/or negotiated by a skilled and experienced attorney.  

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